The Afterlife Experiments: A Book Touching Concepts of Reincarnation

It is said that the human consciousness or the soul lives on after the death and decomposition of the physical body, but conclusive proof is still being searched for. Through scientific experiments, hypnosis, academic studies and research and documentation of past life…Read More »

My Father Reincarnated As My Son

I have a story I would like to share about my Son’s experiences. My father died on December 7, 2002 and my son was born the following year on the August 28, 2003. When he was very young, probably about six or…Read More »

Contact From the Other Side Using Ouija Board

I had a date one time back during the 90’s with a woman who was a few years older than I. We talked about a lot of very interesting things and of course the topic of life after death came about. She…Read More »

Spontaneous Past Life Flashback During a Lipizzaner Stallion Performance

About 15 years ago I went to see the Lipizzaner stallions perform. Toward the end of the performance, they had just one man come out on a horse and demonstrate some of the maneuvers used during battle. While I was watching, I…Read More »

Dreams and Visions of My Past Life

Me and my older sister believe in some things other people don’t. But well, when I asked her about reincarnation, she said that its not true. Something inside me was hurt that time or maybe disappointed and I didn’t really believe her.…Read More »

Memories of War in China

I’m Benjamin, 26 years old, and living in France. I wanted to share my story with you, as it’s pretty factual and life-changing for me. I got interested in this field because, since my childhood, I had awful nightmares of battle scenes,…Read More »

Memories of Tupac

Hi guys I don’t have anything exciting like you guys have. My story took place when I was young. I used to visit a house of one of my “thug” uncles and I would see photos of Tupac Shakur (I didn’t know…Read More »

Reincarnation of Sarah Winchester

I was maybe 10 (I don’t know my birth year, I don’t know exactly how old I am?) We lived in Palo Alto CA, I have narcisitic (or toxic) parents. My father and his girlfriend decided we should go to the Winchester…Read More »

Committed Suicide in Two of My Seven Lives

I have lived 7 times and two of them were suicides. I learned this after returning from Vietnam in 68 also wanting to commit suicide again. GOD finally sent me a dream that explained all of this in a simple way. GOD…Read More »

Past Life in England as Zoo Keeper

I have always had the feeling that I would die on my birthday, July 5th. I have always been connected to animals for some reason. I am more connected to animals than to people and I artist, saying m an this, I…Read More »