By | March 6, 2023

Reincarnation has always been a topic of interest for me, as my mother spoke of it often, recalling details from what she believed was her previous life. It wasn’t until recently, however, that I began to take a closer look at the concept. My mother passed away suddenly, and it hit me hard. I had dreamt of her passing a few nights before it happened. I rushed home to be with her, but the next morning, she was gone. My daughter was born 9 months after my mother’s passing, on October 26, 2005.

My daughter was only two years old when I came across a quilt my mother had made for me when I was little. I had kept it packed away for years, and my daughter had never seen it. Yet, when she saw it, she gently touched it and said “Grammer.” I was shocked. I had never spoken directly to her about my mother, and she was too young to understand the concept of death. Later, I showed her my mother’s rings, and she immediately recognized them, even stating that they were hers. Out of all the rings I showed her, she knew which ones belonged to my mother.

My daughter has little quirks and mannerisms that are the same as my mother’s. She loves playing doctor, and my mother was a nurse. My daughter consoles me when I cry, acting very grown-up and wise beyond her years. I believe it is something more than just a coincidence or wishful thinking. My mother was my everything, my best friend, and now, my daughter fills that role. When my daughter strokes my hair and asks, “Why, Mommy?” it reminds me of my mother’s comforting touch.

My daughter has even spoken words that neither her father nor I have taught her. One day, she pointed to a picture of angels above her bed and said, “angels.” When I agreed with her, she said, “Grammer’s angel,” and went on her way. While some people have told me that it takes years for someone to be reincarnated, I know what I feel, and I see my mother in my daughter. Has anyone else felt like they have reconnected with a lost family member through their child?

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