By | August 6, 2023

In the summer of last year, we found ourselves relocated 250 miles away to a charming town in Devon, a decision driven by the need to escape the clutches of my abusive ex-husband. The move was challenging, but we soon settled into our new home, which was conveniently situated near a church, just a short five-minute walk away.

On the day we arrived, as we passed a quaint little house opposite the church, my three-year-old son excitedly mentioned that he had lived in the very same house when he was six years old. This was puzzling, as he had never been to this town before, let alone seen the house before we moved in. According to him, his father had worked on a nearby farm that may have once extended to the area around the house. It appeared that in this past life, his mother was a teacher, not me. Interestingly, the little house was situated right next to what was once the village school, adding another intriguing element to the mystery.

As we settled into our new surroundings, my son occasionally dropped snippets of information into our conversations that seemed to stem from his previous life memories. For instance, during bath time, he casually remarked that the bathtub in his “church house” was placed in the kitchen. This historical detail might have been accurate, as older houses sometimes featured unconventional layouts. Additionally, he vividly recalled one of the sheepdogs on the farm having striking blue eyes, a detail that surprised me since both our current dogs had brown eyes. He even mentioned helping a lady farmer collect eggs and assisting with milking cows, describing the process of “pulling those things underneath” (referring to udders).

One day, while playing in the playground near our house, my son informed my older children that there were “dead people” nearby. Curious about this statement, I decided to investigate whether there had been a graveyard around the church in the past, as this could explain his perception of deceased individuals in the area. Another intriguing memory he shared was that of building a track for a horse and cart with his grandpa, even though he only has one grandfather who rarely spends time with him, and he has always referred to him as “grandad.”

Perhaps the most unsettling revelation came when my son mentioned that he died at the age of six. When I inquired about the circumstances, he described falling into a nearby river, but he clarified that he didn’t die in the water. Instead, he stated that he went home, went to bed, and passed away. This profound statement seemed to have an enduring impact on him, as he now feels uneasy when we walk near that stretch of the river. Despite his love for water, especially the sea, he avoids getting close to it whenever we visit the riverbank.

These glimpses into his past life have left me both curious and perplexed. While some may dismiss these as mere figments of a child’s imagination, the specificity and consistency of his memories make me wonder if there could be something more to this extraordinary phenomenon. I am eager to hear what others think about my son’s extraordinary recollections and the possibility of past lives influencing his young mind.

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