By | August 6, 2023

Oh, my sweet two-year-old son, Logan, has quite the imagination! One day, we were having a little argument, and I told him, “Logan, you’re too little to have this much anger in you.” And you know what he said? He told me, “But I was big when I drove my race car, and then it crashed, and it made a big fire, and I was over. Then I started again, and I was your baby.”

I was taken aback by his words, wondering where he got such ideas at such a young age. He seemed to believe he had a past life, that he was once a grown-up driving a race car, but then something happened, and he became my baby.

It’s both amazing and a little mind-boggling to hear him talk like this. Sometimes, out of the blue, he’d ask me, “Mom, when are we going to be over so I can be a baby again?” It made me smile and wonder about the mysteries of his young mind.

I couldn’t help but reassure him, “I don’t know when we’ll be over, sweetheart, but I hope it won’t be for a long time. I want to be with you for as long as possible.” I cherish every moment with my little boy and can’t wait to see what other stories or memories he’ll have as he grows.

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