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Fake Cases in Reincarnation Research

Some critics insist that the Cases of the Reincarnation Type are surely FAKE ones. (E.g. Fantasy.) And that, it is conditioned by the belief systems in the prevailing culture e.g. INDIA – a geographic region where prevailing culture favours Reincarnation. Anyway, is it difficult…Read More »

Consciousness in Nature and Reincarnation

Dr. Josephson is a Physicist well known for his work in Super conductivity and Quantum Tunnelling. During the early 1970s he started research in the field of took up transcendental meditation and and his findings led him conduct in depth studies in…Read More »

Using Tarot Cards to Explore Past Lives

There are as many ways to explore past lives as there are people in this world. Meditation, tea-leaf reading and runes are all very common methods of use, but a fascinating option is through the use of tarot. The beauty of tarot…Read More »

Reincarnation and Illnesses

Illness is a common human experience. We all know what it’s like to be knocked flat by a stomach bug or dragging through a bout of flu. Many of us, however, suffer through chronic illness. Sometimes these illnesses keep us consistently sick,…Read More »