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There is one simple answer for this question- embrace your fear in the moment of dying and getting into a new body.
Its easy to say- embrace your fears. However, the statistics shows that 85% of people who were emotionally ready to die
in the last reincarnation, do remember not just one of the past lives but at least several. And no wonder, there are a number of reasons why. So I’m gonna give you several reasons why it happens.
How does the fear of dying affect our memory when we leave physical bodies?-It paralyzes our sense of reality.
The same happens when we’re born in a new body. In both cases, death and birth are very stressful stages for us.
Let alone another fact, that while staying in the astral world after the death of the physical body, our soul gets purified and most of details about
the last life are naturally erased. All of the memories are usually stored in a mental body which dies 60 days after the physical body.
A soul itself is just a spirit which contains only important or most memorable
episodes. All this explains why normally we cant speak languages
we spoke in other reincarnations. Now, imagine what is the approximate amount of memories your soul access in this
reincarnation after the death and birth. Lets subtract ……
So, 100% of memories.
-20 percent of memories our soul loses when its emotionally not ready for the death. The fear paralyzes our soul and it starts
Struggling to survive in a new environment. With this, the fear boosts the process of loosing our conscience.
From now on, the far our
soul goes, the more memories it loses. Its obviously, we longer care about who we’re, there are only obstacles and danger ahead
and the soul resolves the problems which get on its way.

-70 percent of memories are being taken away while a soul stays in the astral world before the new reincarnation. Its also
Obviously, a soul starts living in a totally different world with its own difficulties and tasks. Let alone, that after 60 days, our soul
loses all bonds with the mental body(which stores most of the memories).

-another 10% it loses when it gets into a new body due to the fear of a new environment. Plus we get new conscience of
mental body and that conscience is not developed properly.
Now, imagine what happens when the fear doesn’t accompany the death.
First, our soul peacefully goes to the astral world with that it completely understands what happens. In such case, we don’t lose themselves.
We remember who we are and why we are there. Later when we are born in new bodies we also understand and remember
what happened. There are stories when some ancient souls came into this world with the ability of speaking several languages
and remember all of their reincarnations perfectly. Yes, this is what happens when creatures hold their fears.
In my last reincarnation, the death happened unexpectedly but somehow I wasn’t afraid at all. My soul went to the astral world and saved
all of the events in my memory except the ability of speaking the language i spoke. When i was choosing new body, I also remembered who i was.
After getting into the new body, the fear paralyzed me and this natural process locked up my memories for 14 years. Though, first two years memories
of the past still were there and affecting me in some ways, however, the full conscience and understanding of what was going, stopped functioning.
I’d like to say that 75% of the information i’ve told you, is based only on my own experience and observation
that I’ve been been doing for about 7 years. The rest is just common knowledges that my mind’s absorbed from some gurus’ books
and interviews. I’m not one of some spiritual gurus. So, plz dont take me for ppl who trusts their own opinions on other to get attention and get followed by lots of other.

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