By | July 29, 2017

Illness is a common human experience. We all know what it’s like to be knocked flat by a stomach bug or dragging through a bout of flu. Many of us, however, suffer through chronic illness. Sometimes these illnesses keep us consistently sick, and others go through periods of activity and regression. All of these situations are miserable to experience.

The question has long been asked, why do some people get that sick, but others are spared? Modern science has established some reasons, such as genetics or environmental factors, but it’s doubtful that it will ever be able to completely dismiss the mystery behind this phenomena.

One possible explanation is through the mechanism of reincarnation.

When reincarnation is mentioned, karma is sure to follow. Karma is basically the law of action and reaction. Everything we do, say or think has an effect on what happens in our lives and those of others, either in this life or future lives. Our present circumstances are results of past events. Our reactions to what’s going on now will mold our futures.

Acute and chronic diseases are no different. Perhaps an illness was succumbed to in a past life, thus depriving the soul of the lesson it had needed to learn. When the soul is incarnated again, that cycle is repeated with the hope that the outcome will be different – e.g. the lesson that was needed is completed.

Once one pattern is closed, there is room for different lessons.

Another possibility is of the illness being included in a soul contract with someone else in your soul group. This is a difficult concept to wrap our heads around because we are incarnated in human bodies, and our human filters make it difficult to believe that we’d ever choose to suffer like this. Choice is often equated with blame, as well. How can we be at fault or something we can’t help?

True or not, from a strictly logical point of view, this scenario does make sense.

If we were to look at the human experience as an extended schooling experience, each event and nuance can be looked at as required credit for eventual graduation. Illness can be looked at as that absolutely horrible class with the ruthless teacher. You dread going every day, but do what you must. Once you pass, you feel much stronger and accomplished for it. Often, that suffering helps the information stick better than it would have if the class had been a breeze.

Sometimes, this class stretches throughout our entire incarnation here, and the lessons lie within the coping mechanisms and points of view we develop over its course. If we make it through on a high note, perhaps we won’t need to repeat the class in our next level of schooling.

This extends from the one suffering from the illness to those who care about them. It’s extremely painful to watch someone you love suffer through such terrible events, but this again is a long lesson. To love unconditionally in some circumstances can be far harder than just letting go and seeking comfort elsewhere.

A third possibility is we still haven’t been able to let go of a past mode of death. This happens pretty often. If one suffers from breathing problems, perhaps they had died of smoke inhalation or drowning before. If someone has constant throat or neck problems, perhaps they were strangled in some way before.

It’s a little startling when these symptoms clear up when the individual realizes what happened in their past lives. Why does that happen?

Perhaps the individual simply needed to know that they had lived and died before. Maybe they needed to releases the trauma caused by the past life or to forgive their murderer. Once the realization is made, the body lets go of the lingering discomfort or pain, and the soul is that much closer to moving on to their next evolution.

Any one of these could be causes of illness, or some combination of them all is to blame. Then again, perhaps an infection is just an infection. We’re in bodies, and they do get sick, after all.

We may never know the truth behind the mysteries of life, but the more we ponder upon them, the closer we get to growth and enlightenment.

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