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Some critics insist that the Cases of the Reincarnation Type are surely FAKE ones. (E.g. Fantasy.) And that, it is conditioned by the belief systems in the prevailing culture e.g. INDIA – a geographic region where prevailing culture favours Reincarnation.

Anyway, is it difficult to identify these Fraud cases?
The modern answer is possibly an increasing “NO”.

For example, Dr. Kirti Swaroop Rawat (INDIA) points out that it can be – rather – easy instead, to detect these false cases. As in many cases,  it even takes just a few minutes to see through them. 

Moreover, I can even add that those Critics already ‘come conditioned’ by their own belief systems! (e.g. that there is no 3rd existence in the entire Universe – rather than the Mass & Energy).  Maybe this belief system, in turn,  came from some other culture or a foreign land.

Anyway the source of the belief system is a different/philosophical topic not to be attended here. – Because the COUNTER QUESTION is that:

Does it not also create a Fantasy? A fantasy in exactly the opposite direction?? 

– To reject the ‘Reincarnation’ in whatever way of wishful thinking available ???

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Motives for Deception:

Financial motives (money gain out of publicity) may be ruled out in a developing country as well as in a country where the religious beliefs already support reincarnation. For example – in India, in my own neighbourhood, I once heard a person saying:

“Reincarnation is too obvious a thing to even need any proof.”

Even if financial incentives are sponsored, it is still not easy to generate a Fraud if there is a rigorous checking (like a detective operation) carried out by the Organizers, to hold back the prize. And if the Sponsors want to deliberately promote, then some other detective-like investigators may interfere; and ‘acting’ activity could be in for a hard time in the long run.

And in case of any other motives (non-financial e.g. social) the same question of the grand ‘checking’ process – and the possibility of a rather backfire/defamation/ridicule/etc in case of a negative result – may again make things difficult likewise in the similar manner.

Unsolved Cases = FAKE ?

In Sri Lanka, more than 50% – i.e. majority of the cases – remain ‘unsolved’. That is, the child’s statements didn’t match with the info available about the ‘previous’ person there. (via investigation)

But that DOES NOT necessarily mean the cases are fake. 

Because there may be suppression game by the other family the child pointed to. It can be called reverse-acting. That is, ‘acting’ not in favour of reincarnation but this time against it.

Also Science has more recently – in the 90s – recognized a new phenomenon called false memory syndrome. It can happen to any person, and even in good health. For example: we sometimes forget a person’s surname/title and we don’t even remain aware that we’ve forgotten it, and we confidently(!) substitute with another ending name. – Likewise a child can (unintentionally) distort the previous person’s details, sequence of events, even the name, etc. in the reincarnation research.

But there may be an element of truth that he/she was consistently refering to!

Note that when we misname in the earlier example, it doesn’t mean we do not know the person:-) 

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