By | July 29, 2017

Recollecting past life memories is difficult for most people in this world. The process of memorizing is the same as the process of data storage in a computer. In a computer, when a relevant command is given it recollects and presents the data. Unlike a computer, the human brain collects data from its sense organs such as eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin when a stimulus is received.  At the same time our brain will compare the energy level of the stimuli with the energy of stored information (image, sound and gate). Within seconds we will recognize the person. But if our eyes are not working properly we won’t be able to receive input and it will badly affect our ability to recognizing the person. That is what’s happening in our case. The memory of the previous birth is transferred by aura to our brain. We however don’t know how to recollect it.

The advantage or disadvantage of our memory is that we are unable to delete an incident from our brain. From birth to this time our brain is recording each and everything which happens around us. When we receive an input from an external source, if the command is relevant to the incident, we can visualize it clearly. Each and every data is transferred to our soul, as soul gets energy from positive outcome of our activities.

When the soul takes a new body, it carries the previous births data and it is transferred to our brain. When a relevant incident happens, our brain may be confused and consider the incident as one that occurred previously. That is called Déjà vu (please refer the Reincarnation: science of rebirth).

I would like to share an incident which happened when I was a student nurse working at a psychiatric rehabilitation centre in Bangalore. My client was a Doctor who was well experienced. He was diagnosed with OCD and Schizophrenic. It is hard to classify a patient to a particular psychiatric disorder. Ask a counsellor or a psychiatric Doctor about this. From his writing and speaking I gleaned that, most of the time his memory seem rooted in his previously life. Some time he spoke Sanskrit words, in which I am very knowledgeable. I understood from the counsellor’s words that, he is afraid of water bodies like lakes and ponds.

After a thorough study of the client I came to a conclusion that, he may have drowned in his previous birth. The client’s drawings were difficult to understand and represented historic temple like structures. Most of his drawings contain a temple like structure and a broken tree bark in a pool. I discussed it with the counsellors. As I could see the lack of interest from their faces, I decided not to proceed with it and thus this case became a mystery which fascinates me often.

I strongly believe that, before we call someone mad, we have to analyze his history and the circumstances that lead him to that state. But this needs patience and an enthusiastic mind which our doctors often lose in their busy schedules.


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