By | July 29, 2017
When I was 5, I remember asking my higher self and the universe who I was prior to this life as I would get in trouble for trying to be sexual with other little girls by playing doctor. Soon I was not allowed to play with them. It came to me that my name was Jack/John and that I was also a magician who loved women and sex. I was good with that answer and it helped me understand myself better as a little girl as I had a friend in Kindergarten who I intuitively knew he would grow up to be gay but I would not be gay but more bi. There was no evidence of either of these at that time because it was prior to the above revelation. As I grew, I was fascinated with remote viewing, PK, TK, and other psychic gifts and occult practices and began practicing and honing my natural abilities. By 8 I was playing with Ouija, studying Astrology and reading about Psi Ops, etc.
When I turned age 9, I saw a Dianetics commercial with LR Hubbard and was immediately affected by seeing his face and went into a trance looking for someone else connected to him and myself in a past life and seeing who they were in this life, what their age and sex and name were now and seeing their powerful future as an actor later and deciding that although I would not become a famous actor in 10 years as I had wanted to be, due to having another role to play out in this life, I would meet him in 10 years to see who he was exactly. In 10 years I met him on the set of a movie and already had gotten his name…so when I was being introduced to him by another actor on the set (the casting crew remembered me from 5 years earlier when I was 15), I knew when I looked up it would be “Him”. After meeting him and getting a part, I ran far away and left town…afraid and cowardly but not knowing why I was so reactive. Then, when I was 22, on my birthday, I committed suicide and would have died had my sister not felt a strong impression to leave classes at HS and come home. She is also very psychic. When I ended up being found and placed in ICU, I was placed in a private room next to my real paternal grandmother whom I had never met before that. Her name was Esther Parsons. (I was adopted at age 4 by a man whose last name means Magician.) Well, needless to say, it took more years, until I was 43, to understand who I was and the pieces of the puzzle came together.
-Theresza Terri

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