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Ever since I was a little girl I was a bit different, while other girls at 6 years old played with toys I had started waging a war, I just had no idea with whom. I was born in ex Yugoslavia in a Muslim family, I had no idea that there is such a thing as reincarnation since I have never heard any one talk about something like that. At that time Yugoslavia was a communist country so people were not really religious. Anyway ever since I was 6 my mom said that I had a very strong personality and talked about all the jobs I was going to have when I grew up, and everyone of those jobs was for positions that women were not aloud to have. My family told me that as a kid I was very patriotic but also feminist as hell, and very outspoken every time I felt injustice done to someone, especially women. Anyway I did grow up to do just what I said, first joined the military, then police department, but was also very outspoken about politics and a supporter of the right wing. Another thing that was interesting was that for some unknown reason I also had this feeling ( for lack of expression ) that had to do with late 17th early 18th century England. To make a long story short I am a 34 years old woman, a mother of two and past few years I started to have some health issues but also strange things were happening inside my brain. There was this void inside me I just had no idea what. I felt like I should remember something very important about me that was just out of reach. This was becoming stronger every day especially since I had my kids and decided a stay at home mom. Basically turned my back on my friends and acquaintances who predominantly are people that are in politics, moved to another continent and became a housewife. I heard about reincarnation few years ago, and that was the time I heard about Hypnosis being used for past life regression. I came by this info accidentally.


My husband had heard something about hypnosis to help me quit smoking. Long story short this past week I decided to try it because I kept having this vision over and over where I was laying in a bed in a fancy bed very sick and in pain, this was in a Victorian era. I felt tired and very very sad. I had just have a miscarriage but that was not all the reason I was so sad and empty, I was also very unhappy in my marriage. My husband did not want me. This was not the only vision but this was the one that bothered me the most. I also used to dream about me in a white dress ( full dress ) a fancy hat pretty big. I was at a picnic in this beautiful country not far from a manor ( I think that is how they call those huge homes ). I knew that that is where I lived but was unhappy. I felt like I did put a big show on my daily life, dressed always with very expansive and fashionable clothing but all this was done so I could hide the loneliness inside. There was also a name ( which I found out was a name of a place ) Devon-shire.

I also knew that I had died young and there was a little girl that I had loved very much. Well last night on the past regression I was laying on the bed, ( I couldn’t see my face how I looked never ) in this really fancy room ( more like a princess room that you see on Disney movies, or the bedrooms I had seen in Baltimore Estate when I visited once ) and for the first time I heard the name Georgiana to which I answered. Well I have not checked yet to see if there was any one with that name in google ( I guess in a way I am scared ). Part of me wants to know more, but most of me does not. I remember I had read an article about this man who had a phobia about water only to find out through hypnosis that he had died in a submarine, and how much he regrets knowing who he was because now he doesn’t know who he is anymore, and what family was his or which life ( something like this ). It has been bothering me and this is the reason I searched for this site and decided to write, I don’t really know what I am hoping for, or what I want. I guess I just needed to talk with someone who believes in past life ( since no one on my family does ).

Contributed by Iliro Shqipetare.

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