By | July 29, 2017

I am writing this privately to you because I dont believe in reincarnation but my six year old has raised my brow. before last night she has talked of someone she missed. after her bath she was in her room getting ready for bed. I hear her crying. tears coming hysterically. finally while I hug her she says mommy I want to tell you . but you wont believe me. I comfort her and she begins to tell me about her best friend Brilla that lived in the 1940s.

Her dad died in the army and her mother was in jail for killing someone. She knew her name and another sister maya? She said Brilla died Mommy and my heart was broken. why hasnt she come back. I want to swing with her again. She described her. Mommy she has a rounder face than us and its kind of squished. That why they didnt like her but I did. I loved her and she was my best friend.

I wish GOD would bring her back. I miss her! Hearing this broke my heart to see her genuinely missing a friend. I didnt know what to say.
she made a comment, Mommy there was another baby when I was born. I seen her…I seen Brilla but she died.

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