By | July 29, 2017

I feel need to share my story,and in same time,ask for opinions and advice…I completely remember one of my past lives. Thanks to the internet, I found out who I was, my name, where I lived and how I died.It just so happened that everything matched with my dreams, memory fragments, phobias, aversions and interest. I have since early childhood been having these memories. Town from my visions really exist and is exactly same like it was back then. Back in early 90’s, we didn’t have computers, I could not at that time figure out what the place was that I saw in my visions. I always¬†loved uniforms, trucks and previous me was firefighter. Since I was young I had same nightmare ,lying in hospital bed,unable to move, cant speak,with reflector above. I think I died an hospital, I suffered a slow and agonizing death due to consequences of one accident.

I remember the face of one woman – who may have been my mother! I remember many things, places, which turned out to be exactly the same as in real life. If it wasn’t for the internet, I would think that I am crazy or that I was having hallucinations, but no I finally understand myself. At one point I wanted to forget and move on, who would believe me anyways. For a few years I had an internal battle. I fought with myself. The thought that my mother, brother and daughter from my past life are now strangers in this life was killing me. I know them, found them due to names I remember and again it was matching with real life…I need opinions,should I contact them, or how to forget all that and move on…I could prove who I am,talking very personal things that only same soul can know…but I am afraid of being called a maniac. Being rejected by loved ones or how to focus on my current life. I feel like stranger in my own life, skin,country. Like I dont belong here. Its very heavy cross on my back.


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