By | July 29, 2017

Here is one of my stories that NO ONE in my family will believe. 4 years ago on this very night, December 23rd, I had a super real vivid dream. In this dream I was in my parents house and as I was going downstairs, I saw my father (who had been dead for 3 years) and his face was SO real! I hugged him, kissed him, and he had razor stubble that I could feel, and he had a brown plaid shirt on that I reached out to feel. So then I asked him, what are you doing here daddy? And he said – without moving his mouth, -“I’m here for my birthday “. And then he turned to go back downstairs to play with all of his grand kids.
Now, his birthday was in October. This was December 23rd. So when I awoke from the dream I couldn’t figure out why he said that. …. until I got the news that my niece, just gave birth to her little boy, John.
We are a very close loving family and my Niece was very favored to my father. So, why wouldn’t my father reincarnate into his granddaughters son? Little John will be 4 tomorrow, and so far his personality matches that of my father. But I have to keep all this to myself because no one in the family believes in reincarnation.
I just wanted to tell my story to people who believe as I do, and who will not judge me or put me down for my convictions. So, thank you for reading.


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