By | July 29, 2017

I believe this reincarnation I can tell you this story… Well I had this dream I was walking in the desert and to me I believe it was Egypt I was walking and looking around then next dream I was in Egyptian palace I saw a fountain and statues of the gods and goddesses and I was surrounded with people Egyptians worshipped me then a next dream I had I saw one of the men being whipped I was wondering why the one of the men is whipped I was curious about this why am I dreaming of this?
And That’s what I learn in present day I am Reincarnated to Alexander The Great now it makes alot of sense, Egypt and men being whipped but location of men whipped seem hazed and unknown well it could be in Babylon or something.
I am Alexander The Great Reincarnated and I fully accept and embraced it


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