By | July 29, 2017

I have done several past life regressions. Here is one of my recent remembering’s: I was a young, teen girl whose mother sold/sent her to live as a servant in a nice big house with lots of other people. I had blonde hair and wore my Sunday best when the man with the funny moustache came to get me. He bound my wrists and I cried and cried and many times I asked him where we were going. I had never been to many places before and it wasn’t long before I knew I couldn’t find my way back.

After several days of traveling, we arrived at a big farm with an enormous house. I had never seen such a grand and amazing house. The kitchen, where I would spend most of my working time, was bigger than the house I was raised in. My husband from this lifetime was the son of the house owner in that lifetime. He and I shared stolen kisses when no one was looking but we both knew we would be in a lot of trouble if we were ever caught.

Years passed and eventually the son was to be married to a very lovely woman. Then his father died, and since his older brother had died in a war, he was next in line to inherit the wealth as well as the problems and responsibilities.

I faithfully served his family and loved him from afar until I was an old woman. I had worked my way up to be the Head Servant who dictated what other people did. Everyone loved me.

I fell down the stairs which injured me and I became bedridden. One night shortly before my death, he came to visit my chamber. He apologized for not loving me when he had the chance, not loving me better. I told him that it was an honor just to be near him. Then I died.

My lesson in that lifetime was how to love through service. It explained to me why I am such a loyal person. I gave selflessly. I had to also learn how to balance that selfless giving so as not to give my self away.

All around good stuff!

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