By | June 7, 2018

I am Doctor and I am from India..I have had many OBE’s from childhood didn’t know what is was then but I researched more about what was happening with me , after one of my neighbor died in tragic road accident.. The important thing is that I knew that it was going to happen. I don’t know if you understand..but I went to a place during one of my OBE travels and saw him locked up there.

He was my family friend and neighbor too..we became friends for about 6 months only.. because after that he died. Four months prior to his death I was having an unusual feeling that he was going to die..days passed by..about 10 days prior to that accident ..I was at my hospital residence..I slept ithat I told u before that I have been experiencing OBE’s and astral travel since childhood without my knowledge..that night in my dream I felt that I was searching for him..I went to an empty land and waited for him..he didn’t come ..suddenly the scene changed and I found myself in between lots of type..but only men working person offered me a chair and asked me to wait for him.

I sat …then again in flash scene staff disappeared ..only I was left sitting on a wooden chair..I still remember direction and other details..I was a bit terrified to find myself alone in an unknown place..I stood and started to roam in that room..yelling my friend ‘s name..suddenly one wall of the room disappeared and I saw that my friend was kept in a room captive state. he..started screaming and I told the staff to leave him..there were many people with him in the room..I was pushed back to my chair..that channel was closed..again the wall appeared. Then four dark men appeared in front of me ..I thought I was about to be raped by them.. but no they came very near to me..all four ..and started pushing my a door on left side..that was not present before.

When my chair came on the edge of the room I saw from the door that there is no floor ..then I knew that they were going to throw me down. I started screaming..that I will die if u throw me..but they pushed me..I passed thru a dark tunnel screaming ..and when I opened my eyes .i was crying..sweating..and my heart beating at a very fast was 3.30 am .

After this incident I asked him to cancel his Rail tickets for Goa in India..I remember I said him that if u are near your would be easy for your parent to find your body..I asked him to change his he is likely to die in road accident..head injury..he used to phone me and ask daily what I see for him..many times I was scared to reveal..much…
Unfortunately he died in the same manner

Ten days later I got the news about his death..after his death also..I experienced many things..he appeared before me..again a long story..


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