By | June 7, 2018

About a year ago my 8 year old daughter started telling me that sometimes she feels like she’s not supposed to be in ‘this family’ that she belongs in another family. And how she doesn’t know why but she feels like she doesn’t belong here. I talked to her and reassured her that she did in fact belong here.

Last night she asked if I remembered that conversation and after re-telling me the above she says that she feels like she’s supposed to be a boy. (I immediately start thinking trans-gender type things) and I say if you want to be a boy we can talk about that. And she says :NO, I don’t want to be a boy I feel like I used to be a boy”…And she starts to cry as if she’s afraid, and she says she feels like she used to be a boy in another family in our same town. And she says do you remember the movie “A Dogs Purpose” she goes on to say “I feel kind of like that dog who comes back as another dog.”

I am totally stumped and kinda scared for my kid. Otherwise she’s well adjusted and just a normal kid. But this is tripping me out. Looking for some light on this subject…

– Lupe

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