By | July 20, 2017

I’ve always had this feeling like I belong into something or somewhere I don’t know.
I don’t know if I believe in reincarnation but the stories I’ve read are pushing me to believe to it.
And these weird feelings kept me empty for a very long time. This is the first time I will share it in public.

If I remember it correctly, I was in high school when ‘Dennis’ appeared in my dream. That was his first and last appearance.
It happened in my hometown. I was walking at a nearby church. I think I was going to buy something when I came across this guy whom I called ‘Dennis’.

There was a wedding and Dennis is wearing a ‘barong tagalog’. His face is not clear. But in my dream, we knew each other. It feels like Dennis and I were friends. He is inviting me to come for it was his brother’s wedding. I refused to go. I was not even wearing a decent clothes. I went out with my shorts and ‘sando’. The only thing I could remember was his smile. It feels warm. I left him after that.
After buying what my mother told me to buy, I saw myself walking near the church where the wedding was happening.
Horror struck me.

There’s a lot of blood. Smokes. Sirens of Police mobiles were heard everywhere and.. I saw him. I saw Dennis with blood all over his ‘barong tagalog’
He wants to hold my hand and the last thing I remember was..
He is screaming my name.

After that, I’ve always wished to know what happened. There is something to that dream which makes me wonder every time and it makes me lost in deep thoughts. Unfortunately, that was the first and last. I never dreamed about Dennis again. But the feeling of emptyness lingers inside me.
Can anyone help me if what I’ve been experiencing has something to do with reincarnation or just a part of imagination?

-Sa rah

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