By | July 20, 2017

Hi everyone, about 3 years ago when I was still in high school I remember I had this really strange dream, when I woke up I had lots of question and still to this day I’m still wondering. I dreamed that I was an Italian women running away in a small boat in the middle of the night. I was trying to escape from someone. In my hands I was holding a little box with letters and pictures. I was scared someone was trying to find me and kill me.
In the boat there were African slaves and I was running away with them to protect them from the bad people.Then all of a sudden someone was shooting the small boat that we were in and many people died. I remember my little box sinking to the bottom of the ocean.
When I woke up from that dream I was crying the whole night it made me feel so emotional. The craziest thing was that in that dream I was only speaking italian and I was a whole different person. I was in another body and in that dream my name was Angelina. I believe in rencarnation, in the third awakening. I believe in so many things that people think I’m crazy.

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