By | July 29, 2017

Last night my son was looking at my computer, and a friend of mine on Facebook posted a picture of a lit fireplace. This oddly set my son off on a tangent, and he began speaking of a fire, house fire…. windows breaking, he said it was hot and he was scared. He said mommy was there. He explained different parts of the body and how they felt. He is only 2 and a 1/2, so he doesn’t have all his words yet. I took from it as much as I could, and comforted him.

He may have been speaking of two different “fire” experiences, because he spoke of the “house fire,” and he also went around in a circle as if he was walking around a fire pit. After walking in circles, he then told me what it felt like. He focused on the ears… I am unsure why. He also mentioned the back quite a bit, and came to me, and showed me what he was speaking about on my body. I wasn’t sure if he had burned, or if I had burned and he had watched. I’m hoping to find out more if he brings it up again. He did mention it briefly this morning… he just said “house fire,” and went about his day.

I’m not sure where this is coming from, but I believe in past lives, and have been watching for signs for a while. I do not want to read into it too much, but I do believe that the average person would overlook these little moments as “pretend.” I wish my husband supported my beliefs a little more than he does. He isn’t sold on past lives, and I could tell he thought it was silly that I was reading into the fire comments.


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