By | July 29, 2017

As a child I would always tell my mom things about her childhood and things that her, my grandmother and aunt would do. In very great detail most of the time I would tell her about adventures that “we” would all take together. Going on road trips and picking through rummage sales. One day I remember talking to my mom and she just started crying. Tears of peace in some sort but heart ache in another. I told her about the time that she got bored one night (she was about 12) and┬ástarted ripping little pieces of napkins up and setting them a flame one by one, I said “well all I remember was I was in the bath tub and you yelled for me, I remembered smelling smoke so I rushed out on the tub but naked and ran into the dining room and there you were, frazzled not knowing what to do so I hopped my wet naked ass on that table and rolled around until the fire went out”. I was maybe 6 or 7 when I shared this memory with my mom. With no way at all of knowing about this ever happening because my grandma passed away when my mom was 16 and she had me at 22. My mom always told me that since I was a tiny tot I gave her the sense that I was a reincarnation of my grandma. She says that I have her smiling eyes and warm heart. I sense that it is true, because I share memories that are not my own from this life.- Kathy

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