By | July 29, 2017

I believe in reincarnation because I have always yearned for times past and feel a bit lost on this life. I am extremely drawn to the American 50’s and the South US during the civil war. Historical fiction has always been my favorite, particularly the South pre-civil war. I love everything about the South (except the racism): the drawl, the architecture, the landscape, the trees, the plantations, the complex relationships between African American slaves and their owners, the sugar, the underground railway, the traditions, just everything. I have no idea why… And reincarnation just seems to pull at my mind. If I did live there in another life, I tend to think I was mistress of a big house. I’ve always had a knack for party planning, knowing just how to polish silver, food service, and running a team of staff to do all of it. I’m always thinking of how something would “look” to guests. Reading about twin flames and how a person can switch roles in their flames lives really opened my eyes to the fact that I love my husband (in addition to romantically) in a motherly way. Like he may have been my child in another life. I want to hold him and have him close at all times, I worry over him constantly. I’ve never been hypnotized into remembering my past lives, but I’d sure love to try it!


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