By | July 29, 2017

My 2yr old has had a lot of interesting things to tell me! It started a couple of months ago. She got up one morning and hugged me and said, “I all grown up!” and I thought how cute. She has cute things to say so I just humored her. I asked her if she could drive a car then. She laughed and said, “No cars there mommy!” And I, of course, asked her where, no cars where? She responded with, “When I Mary.” My daughter’s name is Dakota! I thought maybe she said married, but when I questioned her she said it was her name. I told her doesn’t she know her name is Dakota! She said, “Now I Dakota. I Mary there.” I’m not sure were there is still, but from conversations with my daughter a few things have come up. Like the day she declared after I didn’t let her eat junk food, “You NOT the mom!”

Later the same day when she was calmer I asked her about saying that. She very clearly answered with, “I the mom.” after more questioning about how is she the mom, since I am and I got from her,”I mom there. I mom Mary. You mom. No, no no no no, you bad boy!” I tried to joke saying me, a boy. No. And did she forget her name again. She was serious, and calm still when responding to me. She told me, “I Mary. You baby there. Bad boy. Eddie got boo boo mommy Mary kiss it better if you be good. My husband work hard there mom. I sad there mom.” She actually said all this to me! We don’t know anyone named Eddie! And no one close to us named Mary. We’ve had other conversations which all are connected and she’s made claims of her being the mom and me being her “bad boy” son! I have no idea where she could come up with this stuff on her own. And she seems to not associate things like tv and cars to “There” and she makes odd announcements sometimes. She really has me mystified! At first I didn’t think much of what she was saying, but the more she seems to say, it just there is no way for her to just know these things. I truly believe she is remembering a past life. But why would she be remembering a past life at this age???

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