By | June 7, 2018

Hi guys I don’t have anything exciting like you guys have. My story took place when I was young. I used to visit a house of one of my “thug” uncles and I would see photos of Tupac Shakur (I didn’t know his name by then) but I liked them anyway. I stopped visiting my thug uncle because my mom and dad moved very far from them (so I forgot all about the Tupac thing).

This year I had memories of him so I got obsessed on him ,I listen to his songs everyday (if i miss a day not listening to him I feel like killing myself) so last night i had a strange dream:in that dream i first heard a voice in my heart saying TUPAC and I saw him wearing blue T-shirt( I never saw his photo or video wearing a blue T-shirt) and after some seconds I felt great pain in my chest(i felt like dying) and I heard a voice saying “that’s how he died” after a while i felt a strange feeling (I felt like I was breathing and also releasing my last breath )and I heard I voice saying “soul exchange”. I am now confused. Your help and insights would be appreciated.

-Wale Blackhood

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