By | July 29, 2017

When I was 21 I met this guy,we started going out few months later we broke up but we had this thing that we always look for each other. We would go months without talking and then we would hang out again. He said I was his only true love and I believe that because he always demonstrated his feelings towards me and to his family I was his fiancée and the woman he loves. he was the sweetest person. He was killed in 2012 outside a club he was stabbed many times and died at the hospital. Year later I saw a Buddha who he confirmed me that a guy was with me a spirit and he was going to reincarnated in my son. All I said was I don’t have a son and I can’t have kids. He responded with : oh yes you are and he is going to reincarnated with your baby. I have my boy now he’s 18 months and and noticed things my ex used to do like sleeping with their hand under his shorts. Lately my baby wakes up crying as if he is in pain, he rubs his hands and says ouch and tried to reach his back and says ouch, which were places my ex was stabbed, this happens almost every night. 

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