By | July 29, 2017

So I am babysitting this 5-year-old boy who was born with fetal alcohol syndrome and is a slow learner as a result and cannot read yet. He was minding his own business playing in the chair next to me when I decided to look up information about the Salem witchcraft trials. When I pulled up John Hale, this kid gets up in the chair and starts pointing at my computer going John Hale! John Hale! Look it’s John Hale and then starts calling him Johnny Hale. I looked over at him and asked how he knows him and he wouldn’t answer. Ironically, his last name is Hale also. When his dad got home, I asked him does he know anyone named John Hale or Johnny Hale, and he said no and asked was he one of my Fbook friends so I brought him to my computer and showed him the name and pics and asked again, and again he said no, never heard of him, and then I told him the above. He was surprised but said he had no idea where his son would get that from or why he would say that. Very strange…

Lisa L Clark

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