By | July 29, 2017

My name is Kiffy. I believe in reincarnation. The reason I do is when I was in my late twenties. I was on holiday in Arizona. The first time I was ever there. I came from Creston, BC Canada. We went with a couple through mountains in Arizona. I am not sure where we were, but we were following the trail of the pony Express. The man we were visiting suggested going to see an old mining town at the top of this mountain. It was quit a trek up this mountain on a very windy road. It probably took about fifteen minutes to climb from the bottom to the top in the car. As we neared the top I became extremely agitated. They asked me if I was okay and I said no. They pulled over to check with me what was wrong. I said extremely upset that I did not want to continue on. They asked me why. I then described everything in this town and told them something horrible happened to me. They kind of thought I was a little bit unstable, I think. They said not to worry they would not stop the car and continued going through the big gate. As we came around the corner everything I describe was there. Right down to the cobbled streets and the whore house I said I was extremely scared off. I shook me up so much going though this town, I have never forgot it. While we were going through I was crouched down in the back seat scared out of my whits. I just wanted to leave and I have never been back. I lived there when that town was in its hay day. I know. Something awful happened to me there also.

Contributed by Kiffy Shannon.

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