By | December 2, 2018

Me and my older sister believe in some things other people don’t. But well, when I asked her about reincarnation, she said that its not true. Something inside me was hurt that time or maybe disappointed and I didn’t really believe her. So I researched articles related to it and found this page.

I am a 15 year old girl from the Philippines. I don’t know if I have a past life or what but some things are bothering me. Like my dreams.

In my dream, I was surrounded by a group of strangers and their faces are really not familiar to me but I can name them one by one. And then, I saw myself in a different body. Her face was a little blurry. We share similar features physically but she was prettier than me. And also, the strangers in my dream call me in a different name. I didn’t clearly heard what name it is but it sounds very different from my real name.

I also have dreams being in a very old place but its not clear. I think it was an old two storey white house made of woods and it has a little playground on its backyard. Whenever I see it on my dream, I feel hot and very comfortable in that place.

And I’ve saw these two different visions and heard an exact same melody. A very familiar melody to me. It feels like I knew it for a long time and it sounds like an old song but it doesn’t have lyrics.

I have phobias in darkness, flashes, crowded places, and loud sounds. And I have a small birthmark on my left cheek shaped like a thunder. And a bigger one on my thigh (but it was shaped like a map or whatsoever). I am not claiming that I really have a past life or that I am reincarnated but I just really need answers to my questions. I wanna try the “Past Life Regression Hypnotism” but I’m not brave enough.


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