By | June 7, 2018

I had a my past-life around 500 years ago when I was to become a king in my holy land. I remember everything from the day I came to my consciousness when I was 3 and half years old when my parents took me to the highest top in our village and told me about my coming kingdom and when my parents died in their spiritual journey when I was 4 years old my grandfather was killed by a general when I was 9 years old when my manhood was tested when I was 14.

When I got married 18 years old and got a daughter 19 years old and when my wife died 19 years old and when we traveled to Europe I think in Netherlands when we rescued the royals in a religion-war when I was around 22 years old when I challenged the greatest shaman in the world to become the next greatest shaman in the world and when I was knighted to become the knight of the Christ and when I was killed by a polar bear when I rescued my daughter from kidnapping 31 years old.

I remember the general ideas what I achieved with help from high priests and shamans when the world leaders in around year 1500 worked to create the most spiritual human-beings before they were destroyed and killed in a religious war. I remember when I died and went out of my body and when I reincarnated i 1979 and was brought to my “new” body. I am for real I was trained to become “the Animal King” and the most holy person in a modern world. I told about everything when I was 5 years old to my families and we got help from a shaman and got contact with my families that lived around 500 years ago. the shaman began to train my spirituality so I could remember everything again but my father stopped my training because he was afraid what I was going to become and what other people was going to say about it.

My mom committed suicide in 1994 and my father did the same in 1996. I tried to tell everyone about my memories of my past-life later on, but as no one believed me and as my mom used to tell me it was too hard when no one believes you and as my father told me my memories was too incredible that no one would ever believes me. I prayed to God when I was 20 years old to let me forget everything because I could not speak English or danish and I was too young to answer back and prayed to let me remember again when I had learned English and I just began to remember again 4 month ago. It would be nice if someone has the gut to help me, because I am alone with my memories.


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