By | June 7, 2018

Last night,I had a dream that makes me curious now than before.My dream is I’m in Spain.I know that I’m in Spain because of their dresses and their language.I sit in the boat .And a boy like me sits beside me I .We talk and I don’t know how did I talk Spanish.All I know is I can understand him. He calls me sister.Nearby I can see an old man standing and waiting for me to arrive.He looks familiar to me but I don’t know his name.He said that the queen is waiting for me.We followed him until a beautiful girl is standing and waving at me.I feel happy and hurriedly hug her very tight.She evenly kissed me in my forehead. I look for my brother but I couldn’t find him.The only thing that I remember is he said to me that I will convinced the queen to adopt us(me and my brother)
I suddenly asked the queen if why not adopt me and my brother?she didn’t answer and we walk through the long bridge.
That’s the ending of my dream.I’m so curious until now.What does it mean?is it a part of my past life or its just made by my creative mind?but how could it be made?I’d never dream to be in Spain.


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