By | July 29, 2017

The next life took place from 1906 to 1945. I was a Lutheran Pastor from Germany. I don’t have as many memories of this life compared to others.. I remember enough to know I lived it, however. I traveled to both London and Spain and preached in churches there. I have this one memory where I’m in the middle of a sermon and realize people aren’t paying attention and I walk out. I went on trips with groups of children with the intent of teaching them about religion. This made me¬†happy but rumors of my sexuality began circulating and caused the adults to be wary of me. This upset me a great deal.. Especially when one of the adults whispered something in my ear about how I wanted to sleep with another man and that it was disgusting.

I tried my hardest to hold back my tears as I didn’t want to upset the children around me. I knew specific details long before reading about this life.. Like how I was homosexual. This is not written down as a fact but as a rumor. I was ashamed of this and fell into bouts of depression where I thought about suicide but I knew it was out of the question. I had a significant other named Maria. I loved her but in a platonic way. I often missed her and we wrote letters to each other. Though I can’t prove the accuracy of this memory: I remember setting up a shrine win her letters and the gifts she have me. I would sit there for hours upset about how I couldn’t be with her.. I was anti nazi and spoke out against Hitler… I was part of a plot to kill him as were a few of my friends. One of whom doubted we’d accomplish anything and wondered if I was scared.

I remember telling him no because we were doing what was right and I was willing to die for it and I did, I was hanged by the nazis. My spirit remained earthbound for some time. Maria had moved to America.. I watched her as she did and tried desperately to get her attention. She lived in a small apartment and I remember watching as others would come and go. Presumably family members and friends. I was happy she wasn’t alone but I wished I could be with her in psychical form. She eventually died of cancer. I believe I’ve encountered her reincarnation but I can’t be sure..

Jessica Clorine- Part 4

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