By | August 6, 2023

Two years ago I began working with a chiropractor who used a holistic approach which included past-life work. Over a period of about six months we worked with past lives three different times as it became necessary. Here’s the progression of the sessions and the surrounding events in my life:

1. I was a woman in the 14th century who had been raped and conceived a child. I was forced to give up the child by church leaders. Apparently, I was Catholic. I was so distraught at losing my child that I vowed never to have children again. In order to align part of my spine, I had to renounce the vow.

2. I was dying and in the doorway stood a little girl of about 5 or 6 years old. She told me (in the present) that she was my daughter in that life and that she would be my child in this life. She stated that this was a good time and asked for permission to enter at that time. After that session, I prayed, stating that if it was for the highest good of all involved I would welcome this soul. Within a week I was pregnant.

3. A few months later I was in another session with my chiropractor and I felt a tightening of my throat as she was clearing my heart chakra. This time my chiropractor had the vision. I was a healer who was being hanged as a witch. At the time I was pregnant with the same soul.

4. At some point during all of this I had a dream within a dream in which I was an outside observer of the destruction caused by a tornado. When I awoke from that dream into another, I was holding and rocking my baby. I knew that what I had dreamed was my daughter’s most recent past-life. She had been killed in the tornado and was watching the scene. She was feeling a tremendous guilt because she was somehow responsible for how poorly the houses had been built. I knew in the dream that she had carried that guilt over into this life. This was all six months before she was born.

Maya was born in August, and I almost died after she was born from haemorrhaging. I remember being afraid as I was fading out of consciousness that it was happening again. You see, in the three lives listed above, I was the mother of this same soul and for reasons beyond my control I was unable to raise her. I should also mention that as a child I dreamed over and over again that I had a baby, and either I would lose it, drop it, or something else would happen. While I was lying there losing consciousness, I suddenly thought determinedly that I wasn’t going to let it happen this time. I wanted to be with her desperately. After that I knew I was going to make it.

My daughter is five months hold now, and we have an incredible bond. I am so grateful for this chance to be her mother again that I cry almost daily from the joy.

Unfortunately, the fear of something happening to me nags at me all the time. Every time I go out without my daughter, I fear that I’ll have a wreck. I think unconsciously I may be afraid to take my daughter anywhere for fear something might happen. Does anyone have any suggestions for dealing with this? I’m trained in self-hypnosis, but it’s hard to find time to do that with a baby. What I really need suggestions for are ways to incorporate my daughter into any type of healing that needs to be done. I worry that our past-life experiences together may have a carry-over effect on our relationship. How do I know if the pattern is broken? How can I help my daughter deal with this even though she’s a baby right now. I look forward to what she may say when she starts speaking.

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