By | August 6, 2023

My son surprised me with something really sweet one day when I was driving him home from preschool. I was feeling a bit down because I had just heard that my grandma wasn’t doing well and might pass away soon. I was lost in my thoughts, not saying much.

Then out of nowhere, my son started talking. He said, “A long time ago, I brought you flowers.” I was taken aback and asked, “You did?” He nodded and said, “Yes, and a necklace and a wrist.”

I was curious and asked, “Do you mean a bracelet?” He looked at me and said, “Yeah, a bracelet!” It was so adorable and unexpected. I had to smile at his little memory.

It made me wonder if he was talking about a past life or if he had a wild imagination. Either way, it was a precious moment, and it brought some comfort to my heart during a difficult time. My son has a way of brightening up even the toughest days with his sweet and innocent words.

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