By | August 6, 2023

Wow, I had the most incredible experience with my son, Ethan, today, and I just have to share it! Let me start from the beginning… Ethan is 9 years old now, and in the past year or two, he’s said some really interesting things. He keeps mentioning that he “wants to go home.” At first, I wasn’t sure what he meant, so I asked him about it. But every time I asked, he’d just drop the subject, and I thought maybe he was just making up stories, as kids sometimes do.

But this morning, something extraordinary happened. I was working on my computer, and Ethan was lying on the floor next to me, playing with his Gameboy. Out of the blue, he said, “I want to go home.” It caught me off guard, and I asked him where he meant by “home.”

He took a moment and then started telling me about this place that felt like his real home. He described it in such detail, like he was really there. He talked about the colors and the people, and it sounded like a whole other world to him.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It was like he was remembering something from a different time or place. It gave me chills, and I could tell he wasn’t just making up a story this time.

I asked him more questions, and he shared more about this “home” of his. It was so vivid and real to him, and it made me wonder if he had some kind of special connection to a past life or another dimension.

I don’t have all the answers, but one thing is for sure—this experience with Ethan was mind-blowing. It’s like he opened a window into something beyond our everyday understanding. I’m so grateful that he felt comfortable enough to share this with me, and I’ll be here to support him and explore these mysteries together as he grows and discovers more about himself and the world around us.

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