By | August 7, 2017

My mother-in-law had an accident as a little girl and had a piece of blue glass embedded under her left eye. One had to look very hard to see the blue mark. She was very close to my daughter and myself. After she died suddenly with an heart attack, Emily was born. Emily has a natural blue mark in the same spot as my mother-in-law. We asked the doctors what it could be. He said it is a simple mark that he doesn’t understand. My daughter and I both know that it is Carlene born again.
Emily and I are very close and share many empathic gifts. She keeps telling her mother that she belongs to me. She keeps telling me stories of her friends and what she used to do with her mommy when she was young. Her stories are related to Carlene’s life. She always behaves like Carlene. We just take it for granted that Emily and Carlene are the same person. It makes my life complete to be there for the woman who loved me so much as a mother-in-law.


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