By | July 29, 2017

All my life I’ve been attracted to the deep south in love with plantations in my heart I fell as if I once lived on a plantation in one of my life’s old farm houses and farms also intrigue me and I have a strong connection to stone houses that are abandoned.
I feel a sense of belonging.when I see one.

Me and my son love cemeteries he has always rather go read head stones or run and play in the cemetery. When he was about one me and my ex husband and our two kids would walk to the cemetery and have a picnic. On this one occasion my son kept going over to these little graves and laughing and running around like he was playing with someone. Out of curiosity I went and read the headstones they all belonged to babies. As we were getting ready to go, out of no where a balloon just floated across the ground.

Not too long ago my son told me when we were at uncle Joes funeral that he watched his uncle Joe put his hand on my shoulder, he said that’s when I started to cry harder. When he was two we lived with my aunt and he would run and giggle up and down the hall way. I just thought he was being a kid until one day I was holding him and he reached out and pointed to a picture of my uncle Mike who had taken his journey into his next life when I was 14. I had never mentioned his name to my son or even showed him pictures and he pointed at the picture and said “Mike”, right then I knew who his playmate was.

My son has three little holes in his back that look like he was stabbed with a pencil. if you connect them it makes a triangle. I honestly thought his dad stabbed him with a pencil but he still has the marks at the age of twelve. I’ve looked up birthmarks I can’t find his or mine. I have a white diamond shape one on my outer left thigh, they say your birthmark is a resemblance of how you died in your past life.

I am Wicca and my son is atheist I knew something was different about him when we would go to church. Out of respect for my mom he would always push away the sacrament. I my self would never take it either. My daughter claims to be Christian but is starting to realize that she has gifts. I let my kids choose there own paths. My son who passed when I was 18 weeks along had no choice, his father and grandmother came to the hospital and had him baptized Catholic. I was in another world my son had just died in my arms. They had me on pain medication and tranquilizers so I didn’t put up a fight, 8 months later my nephew was born and we have always been close. I was in the delivery room actually almost delivered my first baby his little head started to crown and the nurses station wasn’t answering so I ran down the hall to find the Dr., I admit I was scared and worried what if I couldn’t find the Dr, I’ve never have delivered a baby thank the Lord and lady that found the Dr but I believe my son jj spirit went into my nephew Jr.

-Taira Garcia

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