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I lived lived a life of royalty in the 1600/1700s. I was in love with a knight.. Our relationship was looked down upon and if found out there was bound to terrible consequences.. And this is what happened.. I forget how but I think I turned on him in hopes it would save my life. I did nothing to stop his execution. I have encountered his reincarnation and fell in love with him all over again.. My karma in this life is that he doesn’t love me back and stood aside and watched while I was being emotionally abused by his mother. He would often stare at me.. This makes me think he felt a connection of some kind to me… / In another life I was a knight myself and all I remember is how I was wrongly accused of stealing jewels and sentenced to be executed.

I killed myself before this could happen. / I was a Duke in Austria in the 1820’s. I was again wrongly accused of stealing money and I shot myself before I could be tried. My mother found my body on my bed.. I watched her weep as I was pulled away. / I lived a life in which my family was wealthy. I’m not sure what time period it took place. I was into magic and somehow hypnotized someone into loving me and running away with me. We lived together a while before we both fell ill and died. / In another life that’s was a simultaneous life.. I was a woman in the 1920’s. I went out to dinner one night with my husband and a few friends. Whilst waiting for the train, I was shot in my left side (I have a birthmark in the same exact spot) As I lay dying, my husband looked down at me and showed no emotion. He had hired the hit.. As my spirit was pulled away I looked back on him and realized this was the case. I remember how it feels to die and it sure is something else.. / I was the infant son of Alexander the 3rd. I watched my funeral and remained earthbound to be with my family. I was around George the most..

He was often depressed and I wished I could help him. He died in a motorcycle crash.. I tried to alert one of the maids who was frantic and worried about what happened. My adopted guardian was Alexander. / I lived as a poor woman in France. The man who I knew in another life as Matthew (the one below this) was a priest in this one. He found me wandering the streets and helped me out as much as he could. He didn’t speak French so it was quite difficult to converse with him. After he left, I roamed the streets some more and died of pneumonia. He came back years later and checked to see if I was alright only to be told I had died. He lived the rest of his life out on a beautiful farm with his wife (who was Elizabeth in the life below) The reason I know this is because I was with them in spirit for some time. I’m psychic in this life and have astral traveled back to Matthew’s lives.. At times confusing them for my own. I feel such a strong connection his reincarnation as we’ve lived up to 5+ lives together.

Jessica Clorine- Part 2

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