By | June 7, 2018

I have this best friend of mine which we had that quite extra ordinary meeting when we were kids. *lovers
Somehow I had these foresights when I was a kid before moving to a new town, then my best friend told me that she had foresights as well, funny thing is it was the same as mine.
It was 9 years ago, we’ve met at some place where kids can play and eat.

While me and my cousins were playing, this boy looking girl suddenly asked me this “Do I know you? Have I seen you somewhere?” I didn’t answer in fact I wasn’t able to answer because by that time our parents were preparing on going home. That was the first meeting. Didn’t got to know her name.
2nd meeting was at a party this happened 7 years later after that first meeting, we had small talks, enough to know her name, but there’s always the feeling that I’ve known her for a very very long time. Then came in the 3rd and 4th meeting still not so much talks, I was by that time the event photographer and she was an event promoter.

5th meeting still at a party this time we’ve talked a lot deeper than before, after that we started having deep conversations until we became best friends. Then a year ago around July, I remembered that first meeting of ours, I told her ’bout it and she was kind of shocked and told me that she had the same memory of that place her asking a boy “Do I know you? Have I seen you somewhere?” questions.
That was the very start of these thoughts that are coming in to my mind, First the feeling of familiarity, second the foresights.
Third this just happened this year flashbacks and somehow mine connects with hers.

Fourth having the feeling home from her even though she has a boyfriend right now.
Is it possible for past life lover to reincarnate and meet again in their present life and continue what was left in the past?


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