By | July 29, 2017

In my memories of my previous life, I had no human body or astral, I wasn’t an angel or an alien and did not belong to our planet.
I was just an energy conscious among all other energies around me,

I lived in a well-established structure, it’s gonna be pretty hard for me to explain what follows with no comparable elements here.
Let’s just say that we all live in a energy structure all the knowledge of the one and the other was shared to all, our energy producing magnetic fields that we share between energy, the contribution of all gave a field of comfort and well-being and what a high degree of well-being, in fact we didn’t need to talk as we do, communocation was telepathic, we didn’t really need the to know since it was shared to All.
One day I observed something out of the ordinary that got me out of my magnetic field, something made me want to watch this weirdness, imagine yourself as an electron who observes the mechanism of a watch, this structure composed mainly of energy Geometric shapes immense, each geometry of it assembles and evolves according to each of them has different opportunities in several layers, which all form to a multiple energy field as a whole, not only gives a universe but also several types of vehicles.

The simple fact of wanting to watch in order to understand the mechanism of this from a closer perspective threw me in this virtual reality.
I realized in that moment that in order to understand the mechanism I had to get into it and integrate with it.
Oncw inside I started to understand that I had to leave the mass energy to integrate with this mechanism, at that moment I wanted to turn back but it was impossible.

I was literally screened at the centre of this famous world.
I experienced my first stupor then I was integrated into all layers and entered the body of a baby. This moment was one of the worst experience finding myself stuck in the Inside of a body that I had no control of- for several months getting stuck in a blind deaf carnal envelope where we must learn to communicate in order to integrate the sight sound touch and smell. This period is very difficult since we don’t control anything being brand new, can you imagine the inside of a robot, it’s dark you see nothing and you don’t know what’s going on on the other side.
I’m not going to go further for the moment.
I understand that for many of you it may seem strange, but yet it is well what’s going on.

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