By | July 20, 2017

Hello, I was wondering if it would be possible for my brother in law who passed away in 2009 be reincarnated into my 2 year old? My brother in law and husband have different fathers so they looked nothing alike yet my 2 year old looks just like my brother in law.
Our two year old is named after him and several of his family seems to think it is him.
The story is, in 2009 while my brother in law was serving in the army my husband was serving in the Marines, when my brother in law passed my husband escorted his brother home. After he passed everyone felt as if he was never gone. His presence was always felt.

My husband has always had his brothers personal items in our home. On 2015 I went into labor with my first full term baby, all my other pregnancies where early. Labor happened so fast he was born at home.

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