By | June 7, 2018

I am from South Punjab, Pakistan. I belong to tribal family not very decent and disciplined. My mother language is Saraiki but since my 1st day of school I was good in English. Our national language is Urdu and people in my area are not even good in speaking their national language Urdu. That’s why my teachers were also shocked as to how I managed to learn English.

I used to listen classical English songs. I used to feel that these books of English Literature are familiar to me like i am reading them for long time. I am 24 years old now. I don’t feel comfortable here. I feel restlessness all the time like i have to go somewhere else. I have birth mark on my lower back. I have phobia of heights. I can’t even cross the bridge. It feels like someone is gonna push me.

I’ve seen a lady in my dreams and she said I am your mother. Whenever i think about her i start crying. It feels like I have emotional attachment to her. I love my mother but I have the same feeling for that lady as well. Whenever I see the scenes of World War it seems that these incidents happened just before my eyes. I like old things related to 30s and 40s. Do I have connection with that time??? Do i have a story of that life?? Please guide me.

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