By | July 29, 2017

When my daughter was 3 we visited a castle over 100 miles away from our home. She knew nothing about it. As did none of the family. The castles no longer there as was demolished back in the 1600’s and now has a mansion stood on the site. As we got into the grounds she ran into a field and said this was the kitchen. I laughed not thinking much of it, until she went on to describe how the castle was attacked and set on fire so she ran into the caves to escape. I asked her what caves and she led me over to a gate that didn’t look like anything much until I read that it was in fact caves. She was & is still unable to read as she’s so young so had no way of knowing what the sign said.

She told me she ran to escape the fires and got caught by a ‘dark man’ (apologies but that was her words though I’m not sure how she means this) who strangled her but she still loves this home. For months after we went there her behaviour was so bad and Unlike her. We took her back to tell her it was ok now and she could let go. Since then I’ve researched and think I’ve found who she was. Tonight I showed her a picture of a cave connected to it and she told me it was a a farm.

When I dig a bit further it turns out the caves were farms that supplied the castle and was connected to a cave system that led to an area devastated by a fire during a seige. She gets upset that she’s still little and not grown up and find it very frustrating. She hates to be called princess (which has a connection to something that happened at the castle) and says it as though it’s a disgusting thing to be called. I’m stuck with how to tell her to let go of this past life and live this one.

Edited for additional info:

I’ve spoken to management at the castle today and we are going back to meet him so he can take us into some of the areas that my daughters mentioned. He’s going to have a look at the research I’ve done to confirm it all and hopefully confirm who she was. It seems as though her name now is almost exact to what her name was then and there’s a connection to her dads name and the attack on the castle my daughter mentions. We’re hoping to do a final ‘let go’ for her as we’re due to move abroad, so won’t be able to go back to the castle once we’ve moved.


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