Reincarnation and Gender Identity


Here are some of the possibilities:

1. Souls have genders and their soul-gender and body-gender didn't match.

2. They lived many past lives as male or female and weren't used to being male or female.

3. They planned a life as male or female and accidentally entered the wrong body by mistake, in haste, or without thinking it through.

Proving or Disproving Reincarnation

The study of the human soul (ontology, metaphysics) would fall between Biology and Psychology on Tegmark’s flow chart. Hypotheses and theories would be built up through observation, not controlled experiment. In order for this to really become scientific, the hypotheses and theories would have to gain a predictive quality. The tests would come with new observations. If the new observations were consistent with and predicted by the underlying theory, it would hold. If the new observations ran counter to those predicted by the hypothesis or theory, it would be falsified.

Ancient Egyptian Spirit

There are a lot of books about Ancient Egypt; Egyptologists continue to study the Great Pyramid and thousands of years of a culture and society that lasted longer than even modern times. A fascinating subject. I have always liked Gregg Braden's books and although they are not based on physical evidence the way an archaeologist for Egyptologist might be, I still think his books are interesting and I find personal value in them.

Ancient Greek Philosophy on Reincarnation

Reincarnation, the concept of a continuous soul rebirth into different bodies, was said to have originated in Eastern religions. The first appearance of reincarnation in a doctrine was documented in the teachings of Hindus, Taoists, Tibetan Buddhism and other Eastern religions.

Reincarnation as Portrayed in the Movies


"What Dreams May Come" is a novel by Richard Matheson turned into a movie in 1998 with the same title. The Academy Award winning film starred by Robin Williams, Cuba Gooding Jr., among others presented many of Matheson’s interests and beliefs. On its initial release back in 1978, the book collected mixed reactions from both readers and critics. Some were saddened by Matheson's deviation from the horror writing while some appreciated the change.

Implications of Reincarnation


What are the implications if the phenomenon called reincarnation is in fact real?
If reincarnation as we understand it is a real phenomenon then it implies the existence of some sort of consciousness that has a core personality that is capable of inhabiting a physical body and is also seemingly eternal. There is much evidence to imply that it may exist but there are many unknown factors relating to its nature.

If it is real it begs several questions: What’s the purpose of it all?

Reincarnation Facts

Reincarnation Facts and Myths


I have reservations about overly encouraging past life memories in children, because of what can happen if a child retains memory. Of course I could be wrong in relating the two, since total recall can happen independent of prodding, or not happen in spite of it.

At any rate, here is the problem I have with encouraging too much memory.

Unsolved Mysteries, Reincarnation

unsolved mysteries

I was watching unsolved mysteries, and saw a quick segment on this stuff, past lives.  They were talking about how these little kids apparently saw their past lives, and said stuff back to their parents, I thought it was going to be awesome, like a parent driving and the son saying "mommy, pull over on the upcoming street called fisher or chestnut street, I died right near the Exxon gas station on the corner, right under the Oak tree with the white fence running along the side with the initials JK carved on the last plank of fence, or something with even a little detail.

I Remember You

My aunt told me this story about her grandchild who at that time would of been 2 years old.
The family was together for christmas when all of a sudden the Lil girl spoke in perfect English, "I remember you, I was coming to visit you Christmas eve but I didn't make it"
My aunt says she had a boyfriend back in the day who decided to come down on Christmas eve and spend the holidays with her, needless to say he didn't make it and died in a car accident on the way. This happened before she even had kids, so no one knew this story, except this Lil 2 year old

My Six Year Olds Memories

I am writing this privately to you because I dont believe in reincarnation but my six year old has raised my brow. before last night she has talked of someone she missed. after her bath she was in her room getting ready for bed. I hear her crying. tears coming hysterically. finally while I hug her she says mommy I want to tell you . but you wont believe me. I comfort her and she begins to tell me about her best friend Brilla that lived in the 1940s.